Mar 2017
Car AC not blowing cold? learn why

Don't get stuck in a hot car this June. Get your cars air conditioning looked at asap to guarantee your AC will blow cold all summer. Stop by A Autocare for a FREE visual air conditioning inspection.

My AC wont blow cold

When you hop in your car and push the AC button, you expect to feel a flow of fresh cool air. However, when warm air only comes out it can be frustrating.

The absence of cold air is commonly caused by:

  • Low Refrigerant:
  • Failed expansion valve
  • Failed compressor
  • Failed blower motor
  • Failed condenser
  • Failed evaporator


Low refrigerant will prevent your air conditioner from blowing cold air, which is the single most common problem for your AC not to blow cold.

Image of air conditiong system with components


What causes an AC system to leak?

The AC system in your car is a closed system, under pressure. Leaks can be disastrous, especially if left unresolved. Over the years, leaks can develop from old age.

Image of automotive ac hose with refrigerant leak

Refrigerant is a fluid that flows through your AC system. Leaks are caused by a failed o-ring, seal, or hose. Hoses and rubber seals can lose their elasticity over time and breakdown, allowing the liquid inside (refrigerant) to escape. These leaks can also introduce moisture. Moisture can damage other major parts to an AC system, which will cost a lot more then just fixing the initial leak.


What to do when your A/C is not blowing cold

If your ac isn’t blowing cold anymore, the best advice would be to get a free visual AC inspection at A Autocare repair shop.


If not in the Sacramento area, try your local auto repair shop. Why visit a repair shop?, because the tools to properly check an ac system can be expensive. To properly check for leaks in your ac system you need special tools like electronic leak detectors and air conditioning gauges.


Leak detectors are used to check the ac components for leaks. The detectors are very sensitive and can detect minute amount of refrigerant.

Image of leak detector


Air conditioning pressure gauges are used to check the pressure of your AC system. For example, If the pressure is too low it will prove there is a leak or loss of refrigerant.

Image of AC pressure gauges


What NOT to do when your AC is not blowing cold

  • Do not immediately use AC leak sealer to stop a refrigerant leak. It may stop a leak but the contents in stop leak can block other components of your ac system, rendering them inoperable.
  • Do not immediatley add refrigerant to your ac system. If you do not have gauges to read the AC pressures and you add refrigerant, you can destroy the system by over filling it.


How often should my A/C be inspected?

Your ac system should be checked for leaks once a year. Having a repair shop inspect your ac system will prevent leaks damaging other components, saving you money.
Remember, your AC system is a sensitive sealed unit, so leaks can be harmful if left unchecked for years. The sooner you can have your ac inspected the cheaper it should be.


In conclusion, when your AC is blowing warm air instead of cold, stop by a autocare for a FREE visual inspection. Leaks can mean you're low on refrigerant or have a leak. Getting a yearly inspection can prevent a leak from damaging other components of the ac system and costing you more money.

At A Autocare, we perform free AC visual inspectiosn and can provide quality car air conditioning service. See our website for current air conditoning specials too.

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